No work, make money? B.S.

Total B.S.  We all know better.  There is lots of hype and lots of promises made in this industry.
Anyone with two brain cells knows money doesn’t fly out of the sky on a Magic Unicorn.
This isn’t about NOT working and making money, this is about


Choosing how, when and where you are going to work
and choosing the amount you are going to make and keep.

I am sitting here gazing out the window at the beautiful views with no shoes on, shorts,
and putting together a blog post  to share with everyone what I am up to…

I have a smile because I am free.

I do not have to rush off to work like many of the people are doing right now…I am sitting on my boat, on my computer, “working”.

Working? Is that what I am doing?

I have been grateful everyday for the last 20 years that I made the decision to be free…to find freedom and to call my own shots.
To be able to work any time and to have the time and the space to share new experiences

and to be the one that creates what I want in my life.

Most people think it’s impossible, or crazy or even irresponsible…

That is because they have never been free.

Taking your life into your own hands is scary, its challenging and confronting. That is why so many people would rather be told what to do than to think on their own…

I am not judging or criticizing anyone, not at all, but I do want people to see the possibilities that they can create in their life….if they want them.

If they WANT them… the operative word is..WANT.

I want freedom.

I want choice to live where I desire.

I want to live my life full of culture and experience.

I want the world at my feet.

I want people to wake up and take responsibility for their life

I want happiness, joy and laughter

What do you want?


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